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Vendors' Names, Product Numbers and Lot Numbers for Bosutinib Isomer 1 Erroneously Sold as “Bosutinib”

This table lists the vendors, catalog numbers and lot numbers for samples of "Bosutinib" that we purchased and which turned out to be Bosutinib Isomer 1 instead.

Vendor Names Catalog Numbers of Erroneous Bosutinib Lot Numbers
of Erroneous Bosutinib
That We Tested

AK Scientific

65820 LC24714
Alfa Aesar J63713 G13X031
Axon Medchem Axon 1407 Batch 1
B-Bridge International SY-Bosutinib zhm-066-034
Biorbyt Ltd. 0rb60075 Not Available
Biovision Inc. 1584-5 50484
Eton Bioscience SKU# 1100120252 91222
LC Laboratories
(part of PKC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
B-1709 BSU-101, BSU-102,
LKT Laboratories B5874 2597163

Medchem Express

HY-10158 HY-10158_1-20110624
Reliable ChemTech KI-BOSU 1009
Santa Cruz Biotechnology SC-202084 D 1911
Selleck Chemicals S1014 S101-402
Sequoia Research Products    
Symansis NZ Ltd. SY-Bosutinib zhm-066-034
Synkinase SYN-1025 zhm-066-034
Wuhan Sunrise Bosutinib Not Available
Xingcheng Chempharm Not Available 20100310

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